The History of the PFGA TUUR Caps

Here is a picture of the The 2010 PFGA Sweet Spot TUUR Cap, and it is BEAUTIFUL!

It’s has a soft camel front edge on the bill, and the rest of the cap is the perfect cascade black color that you would expect to see on any of the PFGA’s attire.

2010 PFGA Sweet Spot TUUR Cap (front)

The logo is especially gorgeous; with its crossed clubs and ivy-balls.

2010 PFGA Sweet Spot TUUR Cap (back)

These caps sold originally for $18.99, but we ran out in September of 2010. If you want one, we have made special arrangements with our cap supplier for a limited number of these caps…and you can order one now for $39.99 + s/h.

We are also going to post other PFGA TUUR Cap photos by the time we leave for the BallScrubber…check back often.

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