Toor Update – August 17, 3:58 pm

Okay, so here we are…

Havin’ a great afternoon, talking business. Waiting for the van (Deep Space Nine, etc.) to get fixed. Looks like we got a few plugs and wires out, so they’re replacing them. I know, I know, but we are able to drink Jagermeister in the park (against the local ordinance, dreadfully) while we surf Craigslist looking for girls to play baseball with.

So far, no takers!

But…we are holding out hope that we can make our date in Santa Cruz tonight for dinner – which is still about 5 hours away, but we feel with the repair and the 2-hour drive (not counting the golf hole 5), we should make it soon, or at least sooner than we might be otherwise doing.

Got it?

If you were to ask how we are doing on a scale of 1 – 10, it would be useful to know that!

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